Logan Brown

Advanced 360 video-integrated virtual tour with HDR photography. A fun project involving photographing Logan Brown restaurant for this unique experience.
HDR (high dynamic range) photographic sets for high quality virtual tour imagery
Clickable hotspots for travelling locations
Originally designed navigation interface
Short video integration
360 'bulb lens' virtual tour scene
Intensive audio visual editing
Full screen and interface hiding buttons
Compatibility with all flash enabled devices
Fluid width resize-ability and code embed ability

A fantastic new tour created for Logan Brown, a premier Wellington restaurant located on Cuba St which is par of their website. This tour is complete with video integration (try clicking on the Logan Brown door from outside on Cuba St) and a full on 360 video tour of the kitchen. The virtual tour involves four five points of reference and serves as a powerful marketing application in showcasing the splendid and unique interior of Logan Brown to the wider world.

We also had the chance to eat there, which we can genuinely (and objectively of course) verify is an amazing experience.

Have a look for yourself!

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