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Xequals is a leading high-end Wellington digital production firm focusing on next-generation solutions for interactivity, apps, gaming and web experiences. We are are creative team with high technical capacity.
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Our passion is in delivering bold digital products which are creative, innovative and forward-thinking. Our expertise covers a vast array of creative and technical fields, from web publishing to software and game development, video production, graphic design, traditional marketing, teaching web design, programming and anything involving the internet. We work with PC, Mac, Linux, mobile, tablets, and emergent hardware / software as it is available. We work with all sectors from Government and NGO to non-profits, entrepreneurs and big brands - both in New Zealand and internationally.

We excel in custom projects of highly advanced or custom requirments - projects that require multi-disciplinary approaches, with an eye for what works. Xequals specialises in constantly researching and adopting technological trends. With us you get not only the genuine, thought-out creativity you expect from a leading Wellington design firm, but also the confidence of knowing we are always keeping an eye on the future for you. Working with Xequals is about having creativity on-hand that inspires you to go ahead with ambitious projects, and the confidence of knowing it will be achieved.

Xequals actively engages and networks in Wellington programming, I.T, multimedia and business circles - building a reputation as a robust partner capable of working with others and always delivering. Our services include providing HR solutions for local businesses that are struggling to find talented technical or creative staff. We provide agile temping solutions as well as outsource adsorption, project management and staff placement. Take advantage of our unique people, capabilities and connections by getting in in touch today and see how we can make your digital vision a reality.

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Kia Ora and hello. We are the developer/designers of Xequals. We run on a spirit of work-place pride, skill-set generalism, and the never-ending drive to excel in and stand by everything create.

Having fun and loving our jobs means everything to us. We all put in extra time and constantly go the extra mile to deliver our clients extreme satisfaction, on time, to their budgets. We deliver software products of exceptional, modern quality that matches or surpasses any of our competitors. We are the internet people who spend time purposefully staying ahead of the game.

If you're a prodigious programmer/designer and want to be a part of our team, contact us straight away!